Environmental mission statement


At JK Recruitment, we are aware and committed to working locally to improve environmental, economical, and economic well being of the local communities in which our staff operates in. Our goal is to establish partnerships with clients to improve our local economy using environmental friendly improvements that will create safer neighbourhoods for not only the present, but for future generations.


In order to take the right actions to accomplish this goal, we have been providing our staff with new stationery that is 100% environmentally friendly.  We aim to achieve an overall environmentally friendly operating system where staff and clients can feel confident that products are allergy free, biodegradable and have minimal or no harm on the environment. By doing our part, we have taken the first steps in stopping global warming without compromising the quality of our services.


Our campaign of ‘Going Green’ launched early in 2015, and has been implemented to our cleaning services over the prior months, where the process of our cleaning services have switched to environmentally friendly methods, materials and use of equipment. This has removed the deadly chemicals, and cleaned surfaces residue free to prevent client’s from suffering aggravations to potential allergies.




JK Recruitment - Eco Friendly