Meet Our Team

Our executive team’s commitment and individuality always strives to go above and beyond to meet our clients’ expectations which has been a major contributor in regards to our ongoing success. We are well experienced and are able to maintain and nurture relationships with each stakeholder.

Joseph Erifolami



JK Recruitment was found by Joseph Erifolami in 2005 and since then, Joseph has been actively involved in providing Disability Support Services, Personal Care Services, Home Care Services and Aged Care services and youth services for community needs. He is also involved company’s successful rise and uses his 10+ years’ experience to drive the business to new levels. Joseph has diversified JK Recruitment activities over the years, constantly growing the company’s portfolio.


Founder’s Message:

“We recognise that not everyone with the same type of disability have the same needs. That is why we are  providing personalised, affordable and flexible services that is led by me and my professional carers, who have years of experience and necessary lifestyle / skills to help enriching the lives of those in need of  care.   - Joseph Erifolami


Sana Jaffer

Operations Coordinator


Sana is responsible for overseeing JK Recruitment's marketing and operations efforts, where she aims to uphold and spread awareness of JK Recruitment’s services across the state of NSW. On top of her Marketing efforts, she is responsible for managing relationships with current/potential clients and current/prospective employees.

Diala Meknas

Director of Accounting


Diala has been with JK Recruitment since the very beginning and with a Masters in Professional Accounting, she is responsible for leading all of JK Recruitment's accounting efforts.

Order Management Team

Eugene Assan

Mental Health Coordinator



Victor Aturu

Community Development Officer