Personalised Social Services


At JK Recruitment, we recognise that not everyone with the same type of disabilities have the same needs. We are all different, which is why we offer a personalised, affordable and flexible disability services that is led by director and professional carer Joseph, who has years of experience and necessary lifestyle skills to help enrich the lives of those within their care. We proudly now offer:


  • Personalised service: providing professional disability services that are both personalised to suit the needs of each individual client, and rest assured receiving the best quality carers.
  • Quality care: Safe and quality accommodation in a stable environment with consistent and professional care.
  • Caring and dedicated team: It is not just ‘a job’, Jteam is devoted to helping individuals with disabilities towarding aim high and reaching their full potential.

We are committed to providing respect and the highest quality of individual care. We place ourselves in the best position to do so by ensuring all clients receive a personalised, professional service that will enrich the lives of those in our care. Our staff is dedicated to this profession, both taking pride in the continious effort and commitments to provide the highest standards within our disability and aged care services.



JK Recruitment personalised social services